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We passionately believe in the words in the Qur'an, which tells us to:


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[Surah An-Nahl v:65]


So that's why we deliver authentic, well produced and attractive programming and would love for you to join us in this beneficial Sadaqah Jaariyah project.

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the beautiful message of Islam

"You have a beautiful channel.

I watch it on my iPad, computer and TV. It is the best Islamic Channel by far. My favourite is faith inspired music. My grandson is 2 yrs old and he loves Teenie Vision, he also watches the commercials especially Omar Regan. Lol :-)


Many thanks May Almighty Allah continue to Bless You!"





Ayahnah, London

"Asalaamu Alaykum


I really like your programmes and I hope you all receive immense reward for your efforts. It is a huge Sadaqah Jaariyah for you.


Thank you and JazakAllah Khair."



Awais, Manchester


"Assalamualaikum. I just wanted to thank you for bringing us such a wonderful show. I love the channel and all the programmes but "Ask the Alim" and "Sisters Hours" are two of my favourites. I get to learn so much through Ask the Alim - its just marvellous! You are doing a great job and may Allah guide you, protect you and give you the required strength to keep bringing us wealth of Islamic knowledge. Jazak Allah Khair."




Salma, Birmingham

"Salaams! I just wanted to commend you on your great efforts. Before I came across your channel I was hooked to the comedy channel! But I feel your shows are so engaging, contemporary and cater for the young Muslim, especially the Sisters' Hour. Keep up the

great work!"



Fatema, London

"Can I start by saying congratulations on providing Muslim programmes in English and with interesting topics! This is the first time in 21 years as a Muslim I have started watching Muslim TV. It is so important to provide programmes for born Muslims but also converts like myself. The station has filled a gap which channels like Peace TV and Islam Channel can't. You have programmes which appeal to all ages."


Paula, Fife, Scotland

"You are doing an excellent job with broadcasting these beautiful and well produced, high quality TV programmes.


The quality of production is something to be proud of for all us Muslims."





Aisha, Coventry

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