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Assistant Producer (London-based)

About the role

To contribute to the output of British Muslim TV by working as part of a production team and taking responsibility for specific programmes or sections of programmes.

As an assistant producer, you report directly to the Head of Production for all aspects of planning, budgeting, scripting, scheduling, and delivering all shows, on time, on budget, and in accordance with the pre-agreed brief.

As well as pitching for and producing your own shows, you may on a case by case basis be attached as a production consultant to out-sourced BMTV's productions, ensuring that the channel's values and ethics are being accurately adhered to for all shows.

Key Responsibilities

  • Identify and select stories for films and programmes in a way, which demonstrates strong editorial judgement.
  • Visually drive productions, both in terms of style and structure, encouraging innovation but always working within agreed structures.
  • Work closely with presenters where appropriate, ensuring they are properly briefed and involving them accordingly in the editorial process.
  • Working closely with the production manager, to ensure every aspect of production is carefully planned so that filming and editing schedules ensure maximum productivity and programmes come in on budget.

Your role as an assistant producer will include but will not be limited to:

  • Researching topics, guests and background information for the programme(s) you are working on;
  • Planning, ordering and arranging set design if needed in consultation with the Studio Manager;
  • Sourcing and booking shoots, camera operators, studio controllers, guests;
  • Planning and scripting shows before and during production;
  • Preparing a detailed production schedule and budget for each series with support of the Senior Producer;
  • Liaising with other members of the production and technical team/s;
  • Negotiating rates with suppliers and freelance crew-members;
  • Delivering on production be it on location or within a studio environment;
  • Overseeing post-production & delivery of the finished series, to meet the pre-agreed broadcast schedule and budget;
  • Coordinating with the Production Coordinator and Senior Producer to accurately track & reconcile costs & invoices for production.

Required Skills and Experience

  • Wide ranging knowledge of television production processes and a track record of creative programming.
  • Substantial experience of self-shooting desirable and working with a range of DV cameras. A technical and editorial understanding of lighting and sound issues would be useful.
  • Effective negotiating and management skills; experience of leading and motivating teams, and encouraging and developing production staff.
  • Evidence of interpersonal and communication skills strong enough to establish credibility with colleagues, presenters and to foster strong working relationships with a wide range of people inside and outside of British Muslim TV.
  • Enough resilience and stamina to sustain performance when under pressure. Ability to cope with a significant volume of programme material, all of which must be thoroughly researched and investigated to ensure absolute accuracy and good judgement. Proven qualities of adaptability and flexibility in coping with rapidly changing circumstances and ability to prioritise and exercise excellent editorial judgement as circumstances change.
  • Ability to generate creative ideas and to think strategically about new programme ideas and an innovative approach to programme making.
  • Experience of reconciling artistic aspiration with financial constraint, of planning and revising production budgets and schedules and delivering programmes on time and to budget.
  • Thorough knowledge of dealing with production hazards and Health & Safety regulations and legal issues relating to programme making.
  • Excellent scripting and narrative skills.
Internships/work experience

We routinely offer internships and work experience at British Muslim TV. If you'd like to apply for either, please email us a copy of your CV to, with "INTERNSHIP" or "WORK EXPERIENCE" in the subject line.